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Thank you for your interest in our ministry! We've just finished our first calling, a two-year interim at First Congregational Church of Woodstock, Vermont.

This is a 245 year-old congregation where D.L. Moody once preached, in what is now the least churched state in the nation and one of the most liberal. It's the homestate of Bernie Standers; Vermont Democrats just nominated the nation's first transgener candiate for Governor. People come to worship at FCCW from as much as an hour away, as good evangelical churches are so few and far between. 

As we mentioned in our newsletter, it was a privilege to work with the committed believers who are at the core of this church. These faithful saints stuck it out through much afflition, through what they called "the implosion," which began with the sudden death of their pastor of 25 years.

We have treasured our time helping them through the process of fighting the good fight, healing, reconciliation, renewed vigor and hope for the future. By God's grace one of the few outposts of light and love in one of the nation's darkest regions is no longer on life support, but on the threshold of a new chapter, with a new mission:

"Proclaiming the grace and truth of the Gospel: a Christ-centered community for Woodstock, the Upper Valley and the world, sharing Christ in word and deed."

...with a new permanent pastor who God has prepared for just this calling.

God also opened up the opportunity to share some of the tools I developed while in Vermont at IPM's annual summit in Chicago. This included aids for a pastor's personal prayer life, encouragement on it's priority, and a corporate prayer and fasting plan for churches in transition.

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