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This year is one of the Worst. Hunger is cutting through our villages. Both global, regional and local factors have combined to bring on famine and starvation. The elderly and the orphans are the most severely hit, while the able bodied are trying as much as possible to get work or food for their families. Many have lost work and relatives during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Russian-Ukraine war has disrupted food supplies. Crops that were planted are dying due to army worm infestations. Sky-high prices limit purchasing power so that many families are only able to eat one meal a day. Protein-based foods are too expensive, so many focus on getting some starch into their families' bellies, so that they can have energy to look for work or gather wild herbs to eat.  Most villagers survive day by day: the income for today provides the food for today. There are no savings, no stored resources, or contingencies. Joblessness means hunger and at times desperation. The crime rate has risen and cattle raiding has increased, along with the surge in acquiring AK-47s.

We need to get Food for the most Vulnerable families, those who cannot help themselves, especially widows, orphans and disabled persons.

We would like to help the jobless to have a source of income. Most people can access a piece of land to plant a crop. We would like to provide seeds for them to plant, so that they have both a food source and some additional income. When they receive seeds, they can stop their own downward spiral into poverty. They can become more self-sufficient and provide for their own families.

CAM - Famine Relief for Karamoja. CLICK above to Donate.

           $1 feeds a family of 5 for a day.  $30 can feed them for a month.

           $40 buys a sack of seed to plant an acre of land.

           $20 buys seeds for a vegetable garden.

          $100 buys 2 big, 200lb bags of grain for a Karamojong church to supply to the needy in their village.

This is your chance to Help if you can! Please Help us to be able to Help them. Thanks for caring and reaching out. Thanks for letting God use you to help these families survive. God is Great!!

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